Student ID Cards and Library Access

Your NTC Student ID Card

Your Student ID card is an important piece of identification that will help you:

  • Show that you are an NTC student while on campus
  • Request and borrow library materials from NTC and other NEOS libraries
  • Get discounts available exclusively to students

How to get your NTC Student ID Card

  1. You must be a registered NTC student with a valid student ID number & PIN
  2. You must upload a photo of yourself to our online Student Services Portal at (see below for instructions)
  3. You must verify your identity by emailing a scanned copy of any government issued photo ID (such as a Driver’s License, active Passport, military ID) to the following email address:
  4. After completing steps 1-3, please contact the IT Helpdesk ( and request a Student ID Card. If you are not comfortable emailing the government issued photo ID then please contact the helpdesk to schedule a ZOOM call instead. Your identity will be verified, your email containing your photo ID will be securely and permanently deleted, and your Student ID card will be printed and either left at the NTC Reception Desk for pickup or mailed out to you.

How to get your NTC Student Library Card

  1. You must be a registered NTC student with a valid NTC Student ID card.
  2. You should then contact Jim Derksen, Librarian, at to register for a borrower account. Local students can visit the library in person to register.

Uploading your NTC Student ID Card Picture

1. Go to and login with your Student ID number and PIN.

2. Once your login is successful, click the big button “Click here to continue”.

3. Click the “Actions” menu and then click on “Upload Student ID Picture”.

4. Please select & upload your picture, insuring to follow the photo requirements in the picture & screenshot below.