Newman Theological College Student Association (NTCSA)

What is the NTCSA?

The Newman Theological College Student Association is the collective representation of current NTC students. 

What is the NTCSC?

The Newman Theological College Student Council is a body of students elected by the NTCSA. There are seven elected executive members given specific tasks and up to seven elected council members representing undergraduate and graduate students.  The seven specific positions are:  President, Vice-President Finance, Vice-President Academic, Vice-President Social Life, Vice-President Spiritual Life, Vice-President Communications, and Secretary.

2022 - 2023 NTCSA Membership

Executive Council Members

President: Jonathan Lashyn
VP Finance: Matthew Lashyn
VP Communications: Daniel Sale
VP Academics: Andrew Sheedy
VP Spiritual Life: Andre Boudreau
VP Student Life: Rachel Vandermeer
Secretary and Graduate Representative: Catherine Renneberg
Undergraduate Representatives: Jackie Cowley, Beth Connelly, and Victor Carpay

Graduate Council Representatives

Catherine Renneberg, 3 vacancies

Undergraduate Council Representatives

Jackie Cowley, Beth Connelly, and Victor Carpay

What do they do?

The NTCSC facilitates communication between the student body and the College faculty, administration and staff by representing student voices at all levels of Newman College governance. They also serve to further the intellectual, social and spiritual life of students by planning and running events and activities. The NTCSC also supports the College by recruiting student volunteers for NTC events and fundraising for the College.

How can I get involved?

NTCSA events and activities are put on for you – attend, participate, and enjoy!

Every year we need an official Students’ Council – nominate someone and vote in March!

The NTCSA council NEEDS to hear opinions and suggestions from its membership – send us an email!

There are lots of events and activities going on every year and we always need a couple volunteers to help set up, take-down, plan, and run them – volunteer some time!

The NTCSA has a number of committees that need some members willing to attend most meetings and contribute ideas – join a committee!

All NTCSA Council members are Newman students volunteering their time with or without any experience or expertise – talk to us about becoming a Council member!

The NTCSA executive is a group of six people who value community life on campus and want to give their time to make it happen – talk to us about running for the Executive next year or shadow the person in the position this year! 

What does the NTCSC do for me?

  1. Brings forward the academic, environmental, and administrative concerns of students to relevant college bodies.
  2. Provides on-campus social events and activities for your enjoyment and to help you feel part of the NTC community.
  3. Helps facilitate noon hour masses as well as Prayer for Christian Unity services, special College liturgies, other prayer opportunities as well as liturgical ministry training for students.
  4. Offers educational events focused on Social Justice and provides service opportunities in the community for students.
  5. Gives students the opportunity to apply to become a delegate to the annual Canadian Theology Student Conference and grow in their knowledge and understanding of ecumenism
  6. Provides students with opportunities to participate in paper and project sharing events where they can share the things they have been working on in their degree programs.
  7. Provides on-campus students with free coffee and tea to enjoy during their breaks
  8. Provides prizes at the Orientation Day social.
  9. Helps make your Convocation a very special event by volunteering in numerous and by providing a NTC pin for each student who graduates.
  10. Assists students who are experiencing an unexpected financial crisis with financial assistance through the Student Emergency Fund.
  11. Gives students practical administrative experience that will assist them in their future ministry.

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