Religious Education General Information

The Religious Education Programs provide opportunities for religious educators to deepen their Christian faith and to explore ways for nurturing it in others. The graduate programs in Religious Education are intended to enhance the student’s practice of their chosen profession. Courses are designed to awaken an intellectual understanding of the Christian tradition,to foster a hope-filled trust in God’s promises and to empower an active commitment to the building of the Reign of God. This threefold faith: intellectual,affective, and active becomes the context within which pedagogical approaches are examined and developed in order to enable religious educators to interpret the Christian tradition effectively in contemporary society.

These courses provide a common area of study as well as a base from which students can interact with each other on topics and concerns of mutual interest.Flexibility in the curriculum is provided by making available complementary courses and electives from other programs, so that background needs may be met and personal interest areas explored.
Course content is presented through lectures,seminars, workshops, tutorials, private research and field education. Community spirit is promoted not only through worship and social interaction in the more formal learning situation, but also through participating in extracurricular activities.

The Graduate Certificate in Catholic School Administration (G.C.C.S.A.) is a basic certificate offered for teachers who are preparing to assume leadership roles in Catholic schools.

The Master of Religious Education (M.R.E.) is a graduate level professional degree designed for the preparation of teachers in the area of Religious Education or Administration in Catholic Schools.

Saskatchewan Campus

The Saskatoon Campus is a new initiative approved by the ATS which currently offers the Master of Religious Education Degree to teachers who are employed by the Greater Saskatoon Catholic School Division and surrounding areas such as Prince Albert, North Battleford, Yorkton and Lloydminster. Here, the program offers teachers theological background for their work in religious education in classrooms from Kindergarten to Grade Twelve, and is designed for the preparation of specialists in the area of research in religious education or Catholic school administration. The approval of this new campus opens the possibility of establishing NTC campuses in other locations.

Red Deer Catholic Regional Schools

Over the past ten years, teachers from Red Deer Catholic Regional Schools have been able to study alongside their colleagues at an occasional course offerings site in Red Deer to complete graduate courses in Religious Education. Here, special emphasis has been given to the Graduate Certificate in Catholic School Administration courses. Each year, two of the four required CSA courses are offered to teachers working in the Red Deer region. We are pleased with our association with Red Deer Catholic.

Collaboration with King’s University College

By mutual agreement, graduate courses in Religious Education offered at Newman Theological College maybe taken by King’s University College After Degree B.Ed. students. King’s University College students will register at their home institution and complete these courses through Newman Theological College.The successful completion of TWO of these courses will fulfill the requirement to be considered for a continuous contract with the Edmonton Catholic School District.

S.P.I.C.E. and Blueprints Retreats

In SPICE, teachers examine their shared purpose in Catholic Education through readings, discussions and observations offered and facilitated by a Keynote Speaker. In addition to their active participation in the three day program, participants are required to read assigned readings and a text as well as to complete a pre-reflection paper and a final essay.

In BLUEPRINTS, a Keynote Speaker directs and facilitates an extensive three day retreat for Administrators and Catholic Educational Leaders. In addition to their active participation in the retreat, participants are required to read assigned readings and a text as well as to complete a pre-reflection paper and a final essay.

Both retreats can be completed for credit through Newman Theological College. When registering please use STP 573 Christian Religious Education.

EXCEL Academy

The Excellence in Catholic Educational Leader Academy (EXCEL Academy) is a joint partnership between STAR, Evergreen and Elk Island Catholic, and Lakeland School Divisions and Newman Theological College. The EXCEL Academy curriculum is geared towards teachers who have a service orientation and wish to assume leadership roles in their school or division. The Excel Academy provides faith-based leadership development for teachers who may be interested in becoming leaders, enabling them to explore their faith and develop their leadership gifts and talents.