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Student Orientation Tue Sep 6/22
Library Presentation
Jim Derksen

A quote posted on the library entrance reads “What a school thinks about its library is a measure of what it feels about education.” This means that using the library is part of your education. An education at Newman means you are here to learn, to discipline your minds, be enriched by new experiences and be given the tools and methods needed to achieve your educational and ministry goals. Newman library exists to support these goals, by providing students with a diverse collection of resources covering such topics as theology, sacred scripture, church history, ministry, philosophy and literature. Also, we subscribe to online databases to search for periodical articles. There are reference items and a variety of media formats covering the arts, great courses, documentaries, movies and music. In addition, the library offers the services needed to enable you to find and take advantage of such resources most effectively so that you may complete your assignments and conduct personal research successfully.

In the most democratic of ways, think of the library collection as a choir of voices, each one legitimately waiting to be heard: voices of scholarship, reasoned opinions, theological debate, the methodology of ministry, and spiritual and life experiences from multiple perspectives. Some of these voices you may not agree with or even like. That they may challenge you is true. But that is part of the reason why you are here and why such items are in the collection. Just keep in mind that in the end they may also may help you to grow in your faith. And then there are the voices in the collection that will encourage you, and enrich you and even enable you to expand some of your own personal boundaries.

The library answers to the freedom that is yours as students to obtain an education. Please take this freedom seriously. That by using the library, you are allowed to inquire freely on multiple topics, to conduct your own research, draw your own conclusions, and learn to think responsibly by encountering diverse opinions and perspectives - that is to embrace the complexity of ideas.

I believe Newman students are intended to actively encounter the world they live in and engage with it as it is, because their faith gives them something to say and much to contribute to the many voiced conversations of the cultures around them.

I believe Newman Library is here to help NTC students do that. Thank you


Jim Derksen, Library Director: 780-392-2454

Fall library hours:

Mon: 9:00 - 8:00
Tue:   9:00 - 6:00
Wed: 9:00 - 4:00
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Closed weekends and holidays.


Student Research Page

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Library Services

  is a library consortium of academic, health and government libraries that share resources through an online catalogue and borrower
database. A NEOS library card is good at any member library. In addition, borrowers may request items through the catalogue and have them sent to their library of choice. Borrowed items may be returned to any NEOS library. The NEOS catalogue allows borrowers to see the status of their accounts, renew items and check or cancel hold requests. 

The NEOS consortium recognizes that the NEOS catalogue and resource descriptions contain language that reflects the biases, norms, and perspectives of the time in which they were created. In particular, for resources about persons and groups, this language is often outdated and harmful. These descriptions also incorporate controlled vocabularies, such as the Library of Congress Subject Headings, which include some headings (e.g., Indians of North America), that are offensive or inappropriate. NEOS libraries use international standards for description, but support and actively participate in efforts to update and change these practices. They strive for descriptions that are inclusive, respectful, and do not cause harm. NEOS acknowledges the critical importance of community consultation in these efforts, and, as many of its libraries are on Treaty 6 territory and Métis Region 4, it commits to working together with the local communities to make these changes. 

Link to the NEOS catalogue here

Please note that Newman Library does not have an after-hours book drop. For hours and locations of all NEOS libraries click here

Distance Education students may also access the catalogue but may only borrow items from Newman Library. Please contact the library to establish a borrower account.


Lois Hole Campus Alberta Digital Library

Students have online access to a wide variety of databases which reference journal articles helpful for term papers. Most of the databases include access to the full text of an article. User authentication is required for offsite access. A current Newman Library card barcode number and PIN are required. If you do not know what your PIN is, contact library staff. (When typing in your barcode do not type spaces or asterisks.)


 The LHCADL includes the following resources (among others):

Atla Religion Database with Serials (includes Catholic Periodical and Literature Index (CPLI))
Proquest Religion Database
EBSCO Full Text Finder

ATLA Catholic Periodical and Literature Index for Alumni

The ATLA CPLI Alumni database has been discontinued.