CCS 023 The Acts of the Apostles Course Outline

This course will lead participants through a penetrating study of Acts and New Testament Writings, using the biblical text itself and the Church’s own guidelines for understanding the Bible.

Course Structure and Highlights

Week One:

  • Introduction
  • The Risen Christ and the Restoration of Israel in Jerusalem

Week Two:

  • Life in the Christian Community
  • The Mission in Judea and Samaria

Week Three:

  • The Inauguration of the Gentile Mission
  • Peter explains God’s Actions to the Jerusalem Authorities

Week Four:

  • Paul and Barnabas, from Antioch to Antioch
  • The Mission of Paul to the Ends of the Earth

Week Five:

  • Paul in Ephesus: The Way of the Lord versus Magic and Idolatry
  • The Investigation Continues: Paul before the Sanhedrin


Sandra Talarico


Hamm, Dennis. The Acts of the Apostles. New Collegeville Bible Commentary. Liturgical Press, Collegeville, Minnesota, 2005.


The Holy Bible.


Acts and New Testament Writings consists of ten lessons and ten assignments.

Technical Skills and Equipment Requirements

  • You must have Internet access. A high speed connection, either ADSL or cable, is recommended.
  • You should know how to use a web browser to navigate the web to locate educational resources and download files.
  • You will need the files management skills necessary to create directories, to save files and to retrieve files.