CCS 020 Vatican II Course Outline

Fifty years and counting since the start of the Second Vatican Council, more commonly known as Vatican II, the faithful still debate what the changes wrought by the Council mean for the Church today. This course will provide you with an insight into Vatican II from the perspective of people in the Archdiocese of Edmonton who lived its unfolding. The first six lessons will set the scene for the Council, and the remaining four lessons will give you a user-friendly glimpse into the most important documents.

Course Structure and Highlights

Week 1: Setting the Scene for Vatican II

  • What was the World Like?
  • Understanding the History of the Councils

Week 2: A Single Sacred Deposit

  • Reviewing the Preparatory Draft
  • Studying the Dogmatic Constitution on Divine Revelation

Week 3: Looking from the Inside Out

  • Reviewing the Dogmatic Constitution on the Church
  • Studying the Evolution of the Councils and their Documents

Week 4: Your Baptismal Covenant

  • Reviewing the Decree on the Apostolate of the Laity
  • Understanding the Pastoral Constitution on the Church in the Modern World

Week 5: Let Them All Be One

  • Studying the Decree on Ecumenism
  • Understanding the Dogmatic Constitution on the Sacred Liturgy


Sandra Talarico


Online Materials and Videos


Vatican II consists of ten lessons and ten assignments, with each assignment weighted at 10% (percent) of the total grade.

Technical Skills and Equipment Requirements

  • You must have Internet access. A high speed connection, either ADSL or cable, is recommended.
  • You should know how to use a web browser to navigate the web to locate educational resources and download files.
  • You will need the files management skills necessary to create directories, to save files and to retrieve files.