CCS 015 Social Justice Course Outline

Social Justice introduces participants to the theory and practice of Social Justice through the study of the Catechism of the Catholic Church and the seven key themes of Catholic Social Teaching as outlined by the Bishops.

General Course Objectives

  • The life and dignity of the person.
  • The call to family, community, and participation.
  • Rights and responsibilities.
  • Option for the poor and vulnerable.
  • The dignity of work and the rights of workers.
  • Solidarity.
  • Care for God’s creation.

Course Structure and Highlights

Week 1: Introduction, Biblical Foundation and the Historical Developments

  • Introduce Social Justice.

  • Learn about Scripture as related to Social Justice.

  • Review the History of Catholic Social Teaching.

Week 2: Life and Dignity of the Human Person and Community

  • Consider the Principles of Human Dignity.

  • Discuss Community.

  • Consider Rights and Human Dignity.

  • Understand the Option for the Poor and Vulnerable.

  • Learn about Human Work.

  • Discuss the One Human Family.

Week 3: Rights and Responsibilities and the Option for the Poor and Vulnerable

Week 4: The Dignity of Work and the Rights of Workers and Solidarity

Week 5: War and Peace and Care for God’s Creation

  • Learn about War and Peace.

  • Understand Creation.


Sandra Talarico


Evans, Bernard. Lazarus at the Table: Catholics and Social Justice. Liturgical Press, 2006.

Himes, Kenneth. Responses to 101 Questions on Catholic Social Teaching. Paulist Press, 2001.


Online Documents.

The Catechism of the Catholic Church.

The Holy Bible.


Social Justice consists of ten lessons and ten assignments, with each assignment weighted at 10% (percent) of the total grade.

Technical Skills and Equipment Requirements

  • You must have Internet access. A high speed connection, either ADSL or cable, is recommended.
  • You should know how to use a web browser to navigate the web to locate educational resources and download files.
  • You will need the files management skills necessary to create directories, to save files and to retrieve files.