CCS 002 Scripture Course Outline

Scripture considers the basic and preliminary information about Scripture.

General Course Objectives

  • Understand the meaning of inspiration, historical development, and literary criticism.
  • Understand the primary themes and basic concepts in Scripture, including covenant, kingdom, creation, salvation, and conversion.
  • Understand the scriptural foundations for Catholic moral teaching, conscience formation, and decision making.
  • Understand the use of Scripture in theological reflection.
  • Understand God’s revelation in creation, the person of Jesus, and lived experience.

Course Structure and Highlights

Week 1: What is a Bible?

  • Identify and understand the history of the Bible.
  • Understand Inspiration and Revelation.

Week 2: The Catholic Approach to Scripture

  • Understand the literary forms of Scripture.
  • Understand the process of Revelation.

Week 3: Covenant Love

  • Understand Covenant Love as described in the Old Testament.

Week 4: The Kingdom of God

  • Understand Kingdom.
  • Describe the Return of the Son of Man.

Week 5: The Bible in the Life of the Church

  • Understand Scripture in the Eucharist and Church Doctrine.
  • Understand Scripture in Moral Decision Making, as well as Communal and Personal Prayer.


Sandra Talarico


Witherup, Ronald. The Bible Companion - A Catholic Handbook for Beginners. The Crossroad Publishing Company, 2009.


Online Resources
The Holy Bible


Scripture consists of ten lessons and ten assignments, with each assignment weighted at 10% (percent) of the total grade.

Technical Skills and Equipment Requirements

  • You must have Internet access. A high speed connection, either ADSL or cable, is recommended.
  • You should know how to use a web browser to navigate the web to locate educational resources and download files.
  • You will need the files management skills necessary to create directories, to save files and to retrieve files.

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