Certificates in Diaconate Discernment

Permanent Diaconate Formation Program

Dioceses across Canada and around the world may inquire with NTC regarding the incorporation of some or all of the online CCS courses we offer. Below is an example of a four-year program. Each diocese may use the program below or design their own program to complement their Diaconate Formation Programs within their diocese. Please contact Sandra Talarico at sandra.talarico@newman.edu for details.

Candidates for the CCS Diaconate Program must be sponsored by their diocese. This program forms one part of the participating Diocesan Diaconate Formation Program and is not meant to be comprehensive. The usual ordination requirements apply.

Year 1 - Aspirancy Year (DDI)

CCS-001 Catholicism
CCS-026 Catholic Philosophy
CCS-002 Scripture
CCS-006 Catechesis
CCS-005 Prayer
CCS-020 Vatican II
CCS-015 Social Justice
CCS-016 The Practice of Social Justice

Year 2 - Candidates (DDII)

CCS-009 The Old Testament
CCS-008 The New Testament
CCS-023 The Acts of the Apostles
CCS-024 Paul: Life and Letters
CCS-025 The Gospel and Epistles of John
CCS-003 Jesus
CCS-040 Theology of God
CCS-004 The Sacraments

Year 3 - Candidates (DDIII)

CCS-035 Baptism
CCS-037 Eucharist
CCS-038 Confirmation
CCS-036 Reconciliation
CCS-041 Holy Orders
CCS-017 Pastoral Care
CCS-018 The Practice of Pastoral Care
CCS-010 Moral Theology

Year 4 - Candidates (DDIV)

CCS-011 Church History I
CCS-012 Church History II
CCS-042 Canon Law
CCS-043 Canon Law: Marriage
CCS-044 Bioethics
CCS-021 Liturgy
CCS-022 Liturgical Practices
CCS-045 The New Evangelization