Certificate in Sacramental Preparation (SP)

The Certificate in Sacramental Preparation will introduce participants to the theology of the sacraments; as well as discuss the sacraments within the context of their role in the lives of the faithful: initiation into God's life, reconciliation, the Eucharist as the source and summit of the ecclesial life, service to God's community, and the intimate and life giving relationship between a couple established by God.

Certificate in Sacramental Preparation (SP)

Prerequisite - Foundations in Faith I (FFI) 


CCS-004 The Sacraments
CCS-035 Baptism
CCS-036 Reconciliation
CCS-037 Eucharist
CCS-038 Confirmation
CCS-039 Marriage

To complete this certificate in the 2017-18 year students must register for the courses in the following order.

(This does not apply to those who take more than one course per cycle)

Cycle 1 - CCS-004 or CCS-035

Cycle 2 - CCS-037

Cycle 3 - CCS-038

Cycle 4 - CCS-036

Cycle 5 - CCS-039

Cycle 6 - CCS-004 or CCS-035