CCS 059 Biblical Roots of Christian Conduct Course Outline

Biblical Roots of Christian Conduct - The yearning for happiness, the desire to achieve a fully satisfying life, is forever deeply rooted in the human heart. The realization of this desire depends mainly on our behavior, which agrees, but sometimes clashes with that of others. In which way is it possible to arrive at an effective decision regarding the just behavior that leads individuals, communities and entire nations towards a successful life, in other words, towards happiness? For Christians Holy Scripture is not only a source of revelation on which to ground one’s faith, it is also an indispensable reference point for morality. They are convinced that in the Bible they can find indications and norms of right behavior to attain fullness of life.


  • Lesson One - Introduction
  • Lesson Two - The Gift of Creation
  • Lesson Three - The Gift of the Covenant in the Old Testament
  • Lesson Four - The New Covenant in Jesus Christ
  • Lesson Five - From Gift to Forgiveness
  • Lesson Six - The Final Goal as the Inspiration for Moral Conduct
  • Lesson Seven - Fundamental Criteria for Moral Reflection
  • Lesson Eight - Specific Criteria for Moral Reflection - Part One
  • Lesson Nine - Specific Criteria for Moral Reflection - Part Two
  • Lesson Ten - General Conclusion


Deacon George Newman


Pontifical Biblical Commission. The Bible and Morality: Biblical Roots of Christian Conduct. Vatican.


The Holy Bible.


Biblical Roots of Christian Conduct consists of ten lessons and ten assignments.


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