CCS-050 The Holy Sacramental Mysteries: An Introduction Course Outline

The Holy Sacramental Mysteries: An Introduction - No where is the active presence in our prayer as pronounced and powerful as in those prayers we call the Holy Mysteries or Sacraments. The Mysteries are the prayer of the Church, filled with the life-giving power of the Holy Spirit, that we be transformed through our incorporation into Christ and according to His Will. They are the summit of the Church's liturgy, uniquely and intimately connected to the person and work of Christ. They reveal God's love for the human race as very personal at the same time as it is universal.


  • Lesson One - The Mysteries and the Great Mystery Lesson Two - Christ, the Victor Over Death
  • Lesson Three - New Birth in Water and the Spirit
  • Lesson Four - Christ, the Bread of Life
  • Lesson Five - The Eucharist in the Apostolic Church
  • Lesson Six - Christ, Physician of Souls and Bodies
  • Lesson Seven - Christ the Lover of Humankind and the Mystery of Unction
  • Lesson Eight - Christ Builds Up the Kingdom of God
  • Lesson Nine - Marriage and the Nature of Humanity
  • Lesson Ten - Christ Calls Us to Die to the World


Sister Zoe Bernatsky


Inexhaustible Delights: The Holy Mysteries in the Byzantine Churches
Online Article.


The Holy Bible.


The Holy Sacramental Mysteries: An Introduction consists of ten lessons and ten assignments, with each assignment weighted at 10% (percent) of the total grade.


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