Frequently Asked Questions

Programs & Courses

What programs does Newman Theological College offer?
Click here for more information regarding programs.

How can I enter a program at Newman Theological College?
Click here for admission requirements.

I do not want to enter a program; can I just take a course?
Yes, you can take a course without declaring a program. You may take up to 4 courses as an unclassified student.

Where on your web site can I find course descriptions?
For detailed course information, please click Programs & Courses then on Course Descriptions.

Is the Master of Divinity (M.Div.) Program available through distance education?
The only programs that can be completed entirely through distance education are the Certificate of Theology (C.Th.), and the Diploma of Theology (Dip.Th.). We do offer a number of graduate level courses in theology, however, the M.Div., Master of Theological Studies (M.T.S.) and the Master of Theology (M.Th.) cannot be completed via distance education.

How do I get my marks?
Click on Student Services Login. Enter your Student I.D. number and PIN to access your marks. Please contact the Registrar if you require a reminder of your Student ID number or PIN.

How do I get my transcripts?
Requests for transcripts must be made in writing. Click here to access PDF form and fax it to (780) 462-4013. Cost per transcript is $15.00.

Certificate in Catholic Studies Program

Are all the courses in the online format?
Yes, all the courses are in the online format.

What is the time commitment required for each individual course?
You are expected to spend from 25 hours on a course over its 5 week span. This means anywhere from 5-7 hours per week.

What are the requirements for each course (e.g. assignments, reading, exams etc.)?
There are no exams but there is a certain amount of reading required as well as weekly online assignments for each course. The work load may vary a bit between the courses but basically the following will be required for each course:

  • Read reflectively and critically. Our readings are not too difficult but they are challenging; thus, you need to give yourself quality time for the readings.
  • The written requirements vary depending on the course. However, no more than a one page written response to the question(s) posed each week is required.
  • Students are also required to respond to the discussion questions one to two times a week. Post your own ideas and then return several times to see how the conversation is moving along. If nothing new is posted, please add another idea so the facilitator knows you were at the discussion board continuing to engage in the dialogue.

Where can I purchase the books and materials for the courses?
You can pick your books up at the Newman Theological College bookstore or arrange to have them mailed to you if you live at a distance. Please contact the bookstore for information on hours of operation or to arrange to have your books sent to you. Bookstore Contact Information: Phone 780.392.2457 or email or our online bookstore.

Can the online lectures be accessed at any time of the day or is there a set time that I have to log in?
This is an asynchronous learning experience. This means that you can respond to the various elements of the course at any time. You do not have a specific time you need to participate in each class session. Unless you are involved in a chat room or audio bridge, you cannot ask questions and receive immediate answers.

How do I get my password to access the course?
You will receive your password and information on how to access the course a week before your 1st course begins via email.

What kind of a computer system do I need to have to run the modules?
All you need is a computer with a high speed internet connection.

If I have trouble logging on or accessing the course who do I contact for help?
Please contact David Nesbitt for Technical Support at

How do I withdraw from the program?
You can withdraw from the program by contacting the Program Director, Sandra Talarico at

Do I receive a grade for the courses?
Students do not receive a grade for the courses. They only receive a “pass” or “fail” notation for each course. Students must receive a pass in all the courses that are part of their module to be eligible for the Certificate in Catholic Studies certificate. 

Do I receive a certificate when I complete the course?
Yes, when you have successfully completed all six courses for the specific Certificate in Catholic Studies you are working towards contact Sandra Talarico at and you will receive a certificate of completion.


Are non-students allowed to borrower items from Newman Library, or use the library?
Yes, an NTC External borrowers card costs $15.00 per year. Other NEOS libraries also accept our External borrowers card. Yes, the library is open to the public.  NTC Alumni receive a free library card.

Does Newman Library accept the TAL card?
Not at this time.