Master of Theology Courses

MTH 604  Research and Methodology in Theology

3 Credits
Exposure to traditional and contemporary theological sources. Scholarly approaches to the texts. Methods used by various schools of thought. Appropriate tools for research. Critical evaluation of the above in view of identifying the student's unique theological questions. (M.Th. Students whose area of concentration is biblical studies enroll in BST 635 Research and Methodology in Biblical Studies.)

BST 635  Research and Methodology in Biblical Studies

3 Credits
Introduction to hermeneutical questions and the Church documents on interpretation. The use and value of different hermeneutical methods: historical critical (text criticism, sources, form and redaction criticism), Literary (rhetoric, narratives, structuralism), canonical, social scientific (sociological, anthropological and psychological approaches), and contextual approaches (liberation and feminist). Formation of the New Testament canon, relationship of the Old and New Testaments, inspiration and authority. Appropriate tools for biblical research. Critical evaluation of the above.  For M.Th. Students: identifying a unique theological question.