Bachelor of Theology (B.Th.)

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After a couple years of parish youth ministry, I came to realize that both my faith and my service to the Church required further formation, and at the encouragement of my parish priest, I explored the possibility of studying at Newman Theological College. For both my own faith as well as my service to the Church, it is an experience I am very grateful for. My five years of studies provided me an opportunity to begin to more clearly understand the faith that I love, and to help better pass that faith on to the young people I've served. Completing my BTh gave me the opportunity to fill in my enthusiasm to share the faith with a clearer ability to understand and articulate my faith to others. My time at Newman College has both helped form me as a better man as well as made me much more effective in my ministry.

Mike Landry, youth worker in Spruce Grove, AB. NTC Alumnus, B.Th. 2009.

After my ordination as a deacon, it quickly became apparent that I needed to be committed to ongoing learning about my Church and my faith.  It was extremely challenging however, to find a quality learning opportunity that would accommodate both my busy work schedule and Diaconate responsibilities.  The NTC online* Bachelor of Theology program is a perfect fit.  The flexibility that online learning provides is invaluable for my hectic life.  Although, better than the flexibility, is the quality of the program itself.  The teaching is solidly Catholic and has enhanced my ministry, particularly my preaching, immeasurably.  The courses are engaging and have brought me to a much greater appreciation of the depth and breadth of Catholic theology.  The staff and the professors are absolutely committed to their students and have consistently gone out of their way to assist me when needed.  The NTC BTh program is an ideal program for anyone who wants to grow in their understanding of our faith and the Church.  I particularly recommend it to my brother deacons.

Joe Murphy, Permanent Deacon in Brampton, ON , currently studying towards a Bachelor of Theology at NTC.

*(The B.Th. program is not currently available completely at a distance please refer to the Dip.Th.)

Having completed my Bachelor of Theology degree at Newman, I feel very grateful for this opportunity to increase both my knowledge and understanding of my faith - and in the process my faith itself. I was first drawn to Newman because of intellectual curiosity, and a belief that the greater my knowledge of the Church and its teachings, the better I could serve the various commitments I have been entrusted with as a lay member of the Archdiocese of Vancouver. This has proven to be the case.

Newman Theological College provides an excellent environment from which to grow and develop intellectually and spiritually. The academic programs and the individual courses are well structured, comprehensive and challenging. The professors, teaching staff and entire support tam are excellent. All are committed to both Newman's mandate and your personal learning experience. Newman Theoilogical College truly reflects the best of the rich Catholic intellectual and learning tradition. Whatever your goals, and or, responsibilities are, you will benefit immensely from the Newman experience, and in turn, be better prepared for the challenges and opportunities ahead.

William McCarthy, Property Manager, Developer and Consultant, Burnaby, BC. 2013 Bachelor of Theology graduate.

Master of Theological Studies (M.T.S.)

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'Upon moving to Alberta in the early 1980s, I heard about Newman College from Father Len Gartner and was inspired to attend classes there. That dream was realized more than twenty years later, when we moved to Edmonton from Camrose. My first course, the Gospel of John, had me hooked. Besides learning from excellent, dedicated professors, other benefits included meeting seminarians and celebrating their ordinations, and forming friendships with laity of varied ages and backgrounds. The opportunity for seminarians and laity to study together contributes to greater understanding and support for both. Studying at Newman has been an enriching experience; I am more informed about my faith and my church. I am grateful that this diocese has a theological college which welcomes the laity'

Jan Kehoe, Care Giver, Edmonton, AB, currently studying towards a Master in Theological Studies.

'The M.T.S. is described as a basic academic degree, but I am finding it to be far more than that. It is an opportunity to savor a renewed and deepening fervor in and knowledge of the Catholic faith, and a great way to meet people with similar values and interests. It is an efficient, enjoyable and challenging program for someone who is juggling studies and full-time work. It is more than adequate for a person who already has pastoral experience, and the research paper provides the opportunity for in depth theological and practical integration with one's work. I would highly recommend the M.T.S. at Newman Theological College for persons who wish to do serious academic study but who do not have the time or need to complete an M.Th. or M.Div. It has been a wonderful experience in every way for me!'

Marieta Paul, part time parish Pastoral Associate in St. Albert, AB, part time Spiritual Care Worker, currently studying towards a Master in Theological Studies.

Master of Divinity (M.Div.)

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Originally from B.C., my husband, daughter and I moved out here for me to go to Newman. After seven years of volunteering in prison ministry, I felt called to pursue my MDiv so that I could work as a chaplain. We instantly felt welcomed by the community at Newman. The faculty is very personable and supportive of the students. The lay formation program has been vital for my spiritual and human formation as I come to the end of my degree. Newman has both challenged me and given an opportunity to deepen my knowledge and faith in an engaging atmosphere. Through Newman, I have also been able to make valuable connections to other people in ministry.

Angela Veters, full time mom, currently studying towards a Master in Divinity.

Recipient of the 2012 Anne Honig Award

Master of Theology (M.Th.)

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Years spent at Newman were very fruitful for me both academically and personally.  I learned much about the theological traditions of the church and was well prepared for doctoral studies in the United States.  The classes also encouraged me to reflect on my own faith and the beliefs of the church.  Overall, I was guided to consider what it means to be a Christian in the twenty-first century.  I will always be thankful for my time of study, prayer and community life at NTC.

Matt Hoven, Ph.D. Assistant Professor of Religion and Education, St. Joseph's College, University of Alberta. NTC Alumnus, M.Div. 2002; M.Th. 2005.

After completing my M.A. in theology and intending to apply for a doctorate, I sensed a gap that needed to be filled in.  With that I began to explore the possibility of an M.Th. degree.  Since the Master of Theology degree is rare among Catholic faculties in the United States, I made the move from the Dominican School of Philosophy and Theology in Berkley to Newman Theological College in Edmonton.  The combination of a first-rate library (and an immensely helpful librarian), a superb faculty, affordability, and the space to conduct independent, intense research made my time at Newman Theological College most worthwhile.  Not only that, but as a significant centre of theological studies in Western Canada, Newman provided me with invaluable contacts with many other pastors and theologians who have accompanied me on my journey to know more deeply the Lord Jesus and to serve better His Church, especially in the ministry of evangelisation and catechesis.  For anyone considering a doctorate, especially, I would strongly suggest a stopover with Newman's Master of Theology degree programme.  I have never regretted my time at Newman, and if I could do it again, I would.

Fr. Matthew Hysell, M.A., M.Th., Assistant Pastor at St. Theresa and Corpus Christi Parishes; St. Mark's Community of the Deaf; Metropolitan Archdiocese of Edmonton, AB. NTC Alumnus, M.Th. 2009.

Graduate Diploma in Religious Education (G.D.R.E.)

As a Catholic teacher in a Catholic school it is expected that one has a working understanding of the tenets of the faith. However, this is more difficult than one might assume. As a practicing Catholic and an accredited teacher I struggled with bridging the two aspects of my world. The GDRE program offered at Newman Theological College has given me the opportunity to partake in both professional and spiritual development.  The GDRE program offers academic theological understandings on all matters of the Catholic faith while simultaneously building one’s spirituality. Partaking in the program has offered me the chance to become better versed in my faith; with this knowledge I have increased in confidence in sharing the faith with others, especially my students. I do not turn away from questions my students (or colleagues) ask about religion or God; rather I am excited to share with them what I have learned through the program.

The greatest joy I have experienced form the program is building my relationship with Jesus Christ! The more time I spend developing my understanding of the Catholic faith the clearer and more beautiful it becomes for me, building within me the desire to know more. Newman Theological College offers many blessings, from their learned and nurturing faculty to the opportunity to meet other students on a similar journey; we are all working toward building our faith through understanding.

Ryan O’ Gorman, Catholic School Teacher, currently studying towards a Graduate Diploma in Religious Education at NTC.

I am blessed in that my position at my school is quite diverse and allows for a great deal of interaction with staff and students. I teach language arts and am also the learning coach at Father Michael Troy Junior High. I have been teaching for close to ten years and truly enjoy the vocation as it allows for continual growth as a learner as well as an educator.

When I received the district email from Sandra Talarico announcing opportunities to join the G.D.R.E. program as part of Cohort 6, I jumped at the opportunity.  Not only does the program allow me to strengthen my faith as a Catholic parent raising two young children, it is also an invaluable opportunity to expand on my approach as a teacher and learning coach in my school. My work at Father Michael Troy entails designing programs that meet the needs of exceptional learners and I truly feel that I am capable of making a greater contribution to these students, and their teachers, when my pedagogy is grounded in Catholic values. My words and actions need to be permeated with Christ’s message if I seek to enhance the academic and personal success of all who I interact with each day. The G.D.R.E. program is assisting me in developing my faith but, more importantly, it is providing me with opportunities to dialogue with other educators and discover practical ways that I can foster the growth of the Catholic faith in my classroom as well as in my school. I recommend this program to anyone who wants to learn more about their faith and is seeking practical and timely tools to be able to share their faith with others.

Karen Molineux, Language Arts Teacher and Learning Coach at Father Michael Troy Junior High, currently studying towards a Graduate Diploma in Religious Education at NTC.