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Dr. Ryan N.S. Topping
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Welcome to Cor ad Cor

Welcome to Cor ad Cor! Today marks the official launch of our college’s journal of record. Every two weeks or so, we invite you to join us as we reflect on some feature of our common life. In these reflections we’ll focus mostly, though not exclusively, on our work in the classroom – the discussions, the debates, the questions, the books, and the projects that animate our work as a Catholic college community. What goes on here is so delightful that we don’t want to keep all the serious fun to ourselves.

And what of Cor ad Cor? The name for this series of ongoing reflections, ‘Heart speaks to heart,’ is taken from the motto of our college’s namesake. These are words that our patron, the great 19th-century English convert and cardinal, St John Henry Newman, used to convey the spirit of his work. It conveys something beautiful and true about our work, too.

For in Newman, we find perhaps the greatest of modern saints. Few like him in the history of the Church so faithfully combined sanctity and scholarship, wisdom of things practical and speculative, human and divine.

A few years ago, Pope Benedict XVI reflected on why our culture needs a saint like Newman:

“The drama of Newman’s life invites us to examine our lives, to see them against the vast horizon of God’s plan, and to grow in communion with the Church of every time and place: the Church of the apostles, the Church of the martyrs, the Church of the saints, the Church which Newman loved and to whose mission he devoted his entire life….Newman’s life also teaches us that passion for the truth, intellectual honesty and genuine conversion are costly. The truth that sets us free cannot be kept to ourselves; it calls for testimony, it begs to be heard, and in the end, its convincing power comes from itself and not from the human eloquence or arguments in which it may be couched.”

These words tell us something also, I think, about why our culture needs a college like NTC.

Whether you are interested in pursuing professional ministry, service in Catholic education, a deeper understanding of your faith, or a rigorous BA in the classical liberal arts, Newman Theological College aims to form the head and the heart of modern-day missionary disciples. We look forward to seeing you again soon.

Ryan Topping, Academic Dean

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