Rev. Michael Schumacher

Moral, Spiritual, Pastoral Theology

Title: Formation Team Member, St. Joseph Seminary

Office: St. Joseph Seminary
Phone: 780.392.2445 ext. 2317


S.T.L., Moral Theology, Santa Croce, Italy (2018)
M.Div., Newman Theological College (2009)
B.Des., Alberta College of Art and Design (2003)


Moral Theology

Academic Interests

I have a broad range of interests that is represented in my own intellectual formation. On the more personal side I have a great love for painting and for photography but largely have given minimal time to these interests over the last couple of years since completing my Bachelor of Design degree. During my intellectual formation while in the seminary I discovered a real interest in philosophy, which was a surprise for me not having been introduced to it prior and after struggling initially with the first few courses that I took. Philosophy intersects frequently with Moral Theology and Ethics, a fact for which I am grateful as it allows me to stay immersed somewhat in that area of study. Another area of study that I am always interested in is the purpose and functioning of the human faculties and how they relate to the healthy formation and development of the human person. I have also found this theme has helped me immensely in presbyterial ministry.

Much of my current study is related to my new positions serving as a formator and professor. Primarily my study and work has been dedicated to preparing classes that I am teaching for the first time such as Married Love and Sexuality in the Christian Tradition and Introduction to Moral Theology. Alongside these commitments I am also reacquainting myself with ecclesiastical documents and other literature that focuses on priestly formation.

Courses Taught

MPS 229 Married Love and Sexuality in the Christian Tradition
STP 578 Married Love and Sexuality in the Christian Tradition