Rev. Dr. David Norman, OFM

Systematic Theology

Title: Professor,
Head of Systematics Department,
Director of the M.T.S. and M.Th. Programs

Office: Rm. 2-06, NTC
Phone: 780.392.2450 ext. 2215


D.Theol., University of Fribourg, Switzerland (1995)
M.Th., Newman Theological College (1982)
B.Th., Newman Theological College (1978)
B.Comm., University of British Columbia (1972)


Theology of Hans Urs von Balthasar

Academic Interests

I love to study and teach systematic theology, including all the current courses that I have taught and will be teaching next year. I am presently working on an article that I hope to publish this fall. The topic is on resurrection of the body. I also have a work on the Trinity as the basis for what it means to be human I hope to have an edited copy published.

Previous Appointments

Vice Dean
Department Head of Systematic Theology

Courses Taught

SYT 100 Introduction to Theology
SYT 108 Theology of Revelation
SYT 184 Christology
STD 400 Introduction to Theology
STD 401 Theology of Revelation
STD 450 Christology
STD 590 God and Humanity in Film
MTH 604 Research and Methodology in Theology

Publications and Presentations


“Doubt and the Resurrection of Jesus.” Theological Studies. Volume 69, Number 4, 2008, 786-811.
“Oil Sands Development, Royalties, and Environmental Fallout.” Radix. Volume 6 Number 1 Spring 2008.
“Spirituality and the Holy Spirit.” Radix. Volume 5 Number 1 Spring 2006.
“What St. Francis Says about Creation.” Radix. Volume 4 Number 2 Fall 2005.
“John Paul II on Marriage.” Radix. Volume 4 Number 2 Fall 2005.
“Same Sex Marriage—the Straight Goods.” Radix. Volume 4 Number 1 Winter 2005.
“The Corporation and the Environment: Friend or Foe?” Radix. Volume 3 Number 2 Fall 2004.
“The Passion of the Christ versus the Gospel of John.” Radix. Volume 3 Number 1 Easter 2004.
“Revelation helps us share in God’s life.” Western Catholic Reporter. April 16, 2001.
“Are All Families Dysfunctional? Finding Familial Love in Today’s Film.” The Canadian Catholic Review 16.3 (1998): 21-27.
“The Resurrection is Real.” Our Family 49.3 (1998): 12-13
“The Holy Spirit and the Coming Third Millennium.” John Henry 9.2 (1998): 1-2

Book Reviews
Catherine Ella Laufer, “Hell’s Destruction: An Exploration of Christ’s Descent to the Dead.” Worship 88.3 (2014): 284-285.
Heinrich Fries, Fundamental Theology, trans. R. J. Daley SJ. Epilogue T. M. Kelly. The Canadian Catholic Review 16.2 (1998): 50-51.
Doctoral Dissertation:
The Christian State of Life: The Fulfillment of the Commandment to Love Through the State of the Cross in the Theology of Hans Urs von Balthasar. Pulaski: Franciscan Publishers, 1995.

Unpublished Works
“Trinitarian Inversion and its Influence on Hans Urs von Balthasar’s Anthropology and Ecclesiology” May 2013.
“The Resurrection of the Body—Does Its Theology Convince?” October/01.
“Therese of Lisieux: Doctor of the Church?” April/98.
“The Way of Josemaria Escriva de Balaguer and the Disquiet of Hans Urs von Balthasar.” June/97.

Faculty Seminars
“Doubt and the Resurrection of Jesus.” October 2007.
“The Way of Josemaria Escriva de Balaguer and the Disquiet of Hans Urs von Balthasar.” February 12, 1997.
“John Macquarrie’s Christology: A Response.” March 26, 1996.
“The Coming Third Millennium—A Theological Critique.” March 11, 1996.

“The Nicene Creed—From Here To Eternity: The Resurrection of the Dead and the Life of the World to Come,” for the Archdiocese of Edmonton’s 2013 Catechesis Series on the Nicene Creed, June 5, 2013.
“The Genesis of Dei Verbum,” for the series Vatican II After 50 Years for the Archdiocese of Edmonton, October 10, 2012.
“Running the Race Marked Out by Jesus,” for the Red Deer Catholic Regional Schools Faith Day. March 9, 2012.
Theological Anthropology for the Calgary Diaconate Program. October 29-30, 2011.
“Examination of John Sachs’s The Christian Vision of Humanity for the Calgary Diaconate Program. March 15-16 2008.
“Doubt and Jesus’ Resurrection,” for the March 7-8, 2008 Catholic Conference in Edmonton
“Theology of the Human Person,” for the Calgary Diaconate Program. November 27-28 2004 and November 22-23, 2003.
“Ministry of Jesus,” for the Calgary Diaconate Program. October 25-26, 2003.
“Death and Resurrection of Jesus,” for the Calgary Diaconate Program. March 22-33, 2003.
“Revelation and Faith,” for the Calgary Diaconate Program. October 26-27, 2002.
“Loyalty and Responsibility,” to the 2002 Convention of the Kolping Society. Edmonton, September 8, 2002.
Dominus Iesus: Understanding Jesus’ Mission.” Prince Albert, March 2, 2001 and Meadowlake, March 16, 2001.
“Seeing God in the Movies.” Edmonton, October 1, 2000.
“Bonaventure and Prayer.” Cochrane, August 16, 2000.
“Christology: The Importance of the Death and Resurrection in Understanding the Person of Jesus Christ.” Spiritual Directors’ Conference. Edmonton, November 8, 1997.

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Journal staff. “Fallout from the Passion of the Christ.” Edmonton Journal. February 28, 2004.
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Panel Discussions
Mel’s Passion: An Analysis of Mel Gibson’s The Passion of the Christ from Evangelical, Catholic, and Jewish Perspectives by Tyler Williams (Taylor University College) with Rabbi David Kunin (Beth Shalom Synagogue) participating. April 14, 2004.