Rev. Stephen Hero

Moral, Spiritual, Pastoral Theology

Title: Rector, St. Joseph Seminary

Office: St. Joseph Seminary
Phone: 780.392.2447


S.L.L. Pontifical Liturgical Institute at Sant’Anselmo, Rome (2005)
S.T.L Pontifical University of St. Thomas Aquinas, Rome (2000)
S.T.B. Pontifical University of St. Thomas Aquinas, Rome (1998)
B.A. Seminary of Christ the King, Mission, BC (1994)


Sacred Liturgy and Spiritual Theology

Academic Interests

I have had a lifelong interest in the writings of the Saints and a prime focus of my reading for my courses in spirituality is research into the Saints as a source of theology. The Fathers of the Church, the monastic tradition of the West, and the Carmelites are also deep waters in which I love to swim and plumb the depths. This love of the Saints led me to do focused research on the Roman Martyrology as a way of bridging the areas of Spirituality and Liturgy. I have been involved in the formation of future priests, permanent deacons, and lay students for more than thirteen years now and this has certainly given a context to my ongoing studies. I am very aware how teaching about Liturgy and Spiritual Life is central to our own Christian living and mission. In my spare time, I read novels, plays and poetry. Some favourites are Chaucer, Shakespeare, Dickens, and Péguy. I enjoy running and hiking as sports.

Courses Taught

MPS 130 Theology of Ministry
MPS 170 Introduction to Spiritual Theology
MPS 269 Classic Christian Spiritualities
MPS 280 The Practice of Christian Ritual
SYT 110 Liturgical Theology
SYT 114 Introduction to the Sacraments and Christian Initiation
SYT 212 Reconciliation and Pastoral Care of the Sick and Dying
STD 440 Liturgical Theology
STD 442 Introduction to the Sacraments and Christian Initiation
STD 545 Reconciliation and Pastoral Care of the Sick and Dying
STP 462 Introduction to Spiritual Theology
STP 463 Theology of Ministry
STP 569 Classic Christian Spiritualties
STP 580 Practice of Christian Ritual

Publications and Presentations

Instructor in the Archdiocese of Edmonton’s Permanent Diaconate Formation Program since 2005 (numerous presentations in the areas of Liturgy, Spiritual Theology, and Sacramental Theology)
Mass: the Real Presence – Lecture given at NTC on March 14, 2012 (One in a Series on the Eucharist sponsored by the Office of Catechetics)
Presentations on the Third Edition of The Roman Missal in various parishes in the Archdiocese in 2010 – 2011
Occasional parish missions in the Archdiocese of Edmonton from 2000 -2018