Rev. Sylvain Casavant, PSS

Moral, Spiritual, Pastoral Theology

Title: Formation Team Member, St. Joseph Seminary;
Department Head Moral, Pastoral, Spiritual

Office: St. Joseph Seminary
Phone: 780.392.2445 ext. 2316


S.T.L. Teresianum, Piazza San Pancrazio, Roma, Italia (2012)
M.Div. Newman Theological College (1991)
B.A. University of Saskatchewan (1986)


Spiritual Theology

Academic Interests

I have always had an interest in Christian spirituality. My desire to come to a deeper relationship with Christ is a passion. Thus, to learn from the saints and read of their experiences in the realm of the Spirit fascinates me. I have a particular fondness for St. Thérèse of Lisieux.

I was asked to teach the course on Spiritual Direction and this brought me into greater contact with St. Ignatius of Loyola and his Spiritual Exercises. His insights concerning the spiritual life and discernment of spirits I find captivating. Apart from this, I enjoy going out with family and friends, good music, and other forms of art. I have recently begun going to Icon workshops.

Previous Appointments

Head of Pastoral Department

Courses Taught

MPS 269 Classic Christian Spiritualties
MPS 275 Spiritual Direction
MPS 281 Theology and Practice of Preaching
STP 569 Classic Christian Spiritualties
STP 575 Spiritual Direction
STP 581 Theology and Practice of Preaching


Newman Spirituality Concerning Imagination and Obedience and their use in Spiritual Direction


The Society of St. Sulpice (2001)