CCS-068 The Church in the World I – An Evolving Role Course Outline

The Church in the World I - An Evolving Role - The Global nature and reach of the Catholic Church gives it a unique position and influence. Vatican II Council Fathers saw this as a responsibility to address and respond to global issues through a lens of faith. This course will provide students with an opportunity to explore the evolving teachings of the Church as relates to its role in global issues through an analysis of major Church documents, discussion and outcomes of various Episcopal Conferences, and historical mission work.


  • Develop a strong understanding of the key themes of Catholic Social Teaching • Recognize the economic, political, and social dimensions of global issues.
  • Analyze, critique and debate approaches to global issues, through short-written reflections and online discussion.
  • Develop an informed and analytical understanding of the Church as an actor in international aid and development.
  • Understand and apply key concepts through practical engagement with faith-based international development organizations.


  • Week 1: Signs of the Times: The Post World War Church
  • Week 2: Vatican II and a Change of Direction
  • Week 3: Encyclicals
  • Week 4: Global Bishop's Conferences and the Response to Vatican II
  • Week 5: The Church as an Actor on the Global Stage


Anu Ranawana


Dorr, Donal. Option for the Poor and for the Earth: Catholic Social Teaching. Orbis Books, 1983.
Online Documents.
The Catechism of the Catholic Church.
The Holy Bible.


The Church in the World I - An Evolving Role consists of ten lessons and ten assignments, with each assignment weighted at 10% (percent) of the total grade.


  • You must have Internet access. A high speed connection, either ADSL or cable, is recommended.
  • You should know how to use a web browser to navigate the web to locate educational resources and download files.
  • You will need the files management skills necessary to create directories, to save files and to retrieve files.