Dr. Garry Andrews – Religious Education
B.A., B.Ed. (Sask.); M.A. (Bemidji State University); Ph.D. (C&I)
andrews.garry (at) gmail.com

Rev. Dr. Ayodele Ayeni C.S.Sp. – Sacred Scripture
Dip. Phil., B.A. (Nsukka, Nigeria); Dip. Latin (P.U.U., Rome); M.A. (Duquesne University, PA); Ph.D., S.T.D. (Dominican University, Ottawa)
aayoayeni (at) yahoo.com

Most Rev. Gregory Bittman – Canon Law
B.Sc.N. (University of Alberta); B.A., M.Div. (Seminary of Christ the King); J.C.L. (Catholic University of America)
gbittman (at) caedm.ca

Rev. Dr. Philip Creurer, F.S.S.P. - Canon Law
B.A, LI.B. (Sask.); J.C.L., M.C.L., J.C.D., Ph.D (Ottawa)
pac (at) fssp.org

Rev. Dean Dowle - Canon Law
B.A. (Alberta); M.Div. (Newman); J.C.L. (St. Paul)
dean.dowle (at) caedm.ca

Rev. Paul Fachet omi - Sacred Scripture
B.A. (Ottawa); S.T.L. (Gregoriana); L.S.S. (Pontifical Biblical Institute)
fachet (at) queenshouse.org

Dr. Paul Flaman - Theology
B.A. (Sask.); S.T.B., S.T.L., S.T.D. (Angelicum, Rome)
paul.flaman (at) ualberta.ca

Sr. Audrey Gerwing, N.D.S. - Religious Education
B.Ph.Ed. (Alberta); M.R.E., M.Div. (Toronto)
aamgerwing (at) aol.com

Dr. Martin Grund - Systematic Theology
B.Phil (Warsaw); B.Th. (St. Paul); M.Div. (Toronto); D.Min. (Vancouver)
martingrund2012 (at) gmail.com

Mr. Julien Hammond - World Religions/Ecumenism
B.A. (Ontario); M.Div. (Newman); M.Th. (Toronto)
jhammond (at) caedm.ca

Dr. Octavion Ion - Philosophy
B.A. (Waterloo); M.A. (Montreal); Ph.D. (Alberta)
oion (at) ualberta.ca

Sr. Dr. Teresita Kambeitz O.S.U. – Religious Education
A.R.C.T. (piano); B.A., B.Ed. (Sask.); M.R.E. (St. Michael’s, Toronto); M.Ed., Ph.D. (O.I.S.E., Toronto)
teresita (at) sasktel.net

Most Rev. Sylvain Lavoie, O.M.I. - Aboriginal Studies
B.A. (Sask.); B.Th. (Newman)

Ms. Wanda Lehman - Religious Education
B.Ed. (Calgary); G.C.C.S.A., M.R.E. (Newman)

Mr. Michael Marien - Religious Education
B.A., M.A., (Western); B.Ed. (Queen’s); G.D.R.E., M.R.E. (Newman)
mmarien (at) me.com

Dr. Leslie McKeown - Spiritual Theology, Systematic Theology
Dip. Arch. (London); M.Div., M.Th. (Newman); Ph.D. (Wales)
Mckeown.les (at) gmail.com

Rev. Dr. Mark Miller - Religious Education
B.Sc. (Manitoba); M.A., M.Div. (Toronto); Ph.D. (Notre Dame)

Most Rev. David Motiuk Eastern Christian Studies, Canon Law
B.Th., B.C.L., M.C.L., (Ottawa); Ph.D. (Rome)
bishop (at) edmontoneparchy.com

Dr. Ted Paszek – Religious Education
B.A., B.Ed. (Alberta); M.R.E (Newman); M.Ed., Ph.D. (Alberta)
tpaszek (at) ualberta.ca

Ms. Leah Perrault – Pastoral Theology
B.A., M.A. (Campion College University of Regina)
leah.perrault (at) gmail.com

Mr. Paul Quist – Theology
B.Sc. (Trinity Lutheran College, Washington); G.D.C.S. (Regent College, Vancouver); M.Div. (Luther Seminary , MN); S.T.L. (Pontifical Lateran University, Rome)
paulsquist (at) yahoo.com

Ms. Debra Rolfes - Sacred Scripture
B.A. (Sask.); M.A. (University of California, LA); C.A.C.E. (Sask.); M.T.S. (College of Emmanuel and St. Chad)
debora.rolfes (at) usask.ca

Mr. Dean Sarnecki - Religious Education
B.Ed., Ph.D. (Candidate) (University of Alberta); M.R.E. (Newman)
dean (at) acsta.ab.ca

Rev. Dr. Scott Sharman - Foundational Theology
B.Th. (Calgary); M.Rel., Ph.D. (Toronto)
scott_sharman (at) hotmail.com

Dr. Tristan Sharp - Foundational Theology
B.A. (B.C.); M.A. Ph.D. (Toronto)
tristansharp (at) gmail.com

Dr. Robert Sheard - Theology
B.A. (Carleton); B.Ed. (Queens); M.Ed. (Carleton); Ph.D. (St. Michael’s)
drrbsheard (at) gmail.com

Mr. Blake Lane Sittler - Theology
B.A.(Sask.); M.Div. (Newman)
codirector (at) saskatoonrcdiocese.com

Very Rev. Dr. George Smith, CSB - Church History
B.A. (McGill), M.Div. (St. Michael's), M.A., Ed.D. (Toronto)
gsmith (at) basilian.org

Sr. Eva Solomon C.S.J.- Aboriginal Studies
D. Min.
evasolomon (at) shaw.ca

Most Rev. Paul Terrio - Philosophy
B.A. (Concordia); L.Th. (Montreal); Cert.Ed. (Concordia); Ph.L. (Gregorian)
bishopoffice (at) dioceseofstpaul.ca

Bishop Gerald Wiesner - Pastoral Theology
B.A. (Ottawa University); M.Th., S.T.L. (St. Paul’s University, Ottawa)

Ms. Barbara Wotherspoon - Religious Education
B.A., B.Ed. (Sask.); G.D.R.E., M.R.E. (Newman)
barbwotherspoon (at) hotmail.com